R & D

We challenge to develop innovative technologies for patients.

Research Competence

Research Competence

Efforts of R&D Institute for
successful results
of new drug development

Woosung’s R&D Institute is making ceaseless efforts to enhance its R&D pipeline and raise the success rate even higher.

In Woosung’s R&D Institute, the development of excellent new products and new technologies is being realized by maximizing synergy effect through the cooperation of internal experts who have vision and many years of work experience in research fields such as the discovery and planning of new projects, formulation research, development of analysis methods, scale-up the research, validation of analysis methods, and preparation of CTD.

Realization of open
innovation that
maximizes synergy

Woosung’s R&D Institute continuously expands joint research and technology in the discovery of new drugs and the development of medicinal products through cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, and venture companies.

The Institute also endeavors to expand research area and maximize its efficiency through cooperation with Contract Research Organizations (CRO) for P/K research, efficacy testing, pre-clinical study (toxicity). Further, Woosung’s safe products are produced by adhering to strict quality control standards in an excellent medicine production facility that meets all GMP standards.